Getting into music at the age of ten years old, and playing in bands six nights a week from when Merv left school at 15, it is easy to see that Merv had a passion for music from an early age. This passion was not only for the playing of music, but also for composing his own songs.

Merv got his first break with his song writing when a radio programmer heard a demo Merv had recorded. This led to Merv being signed on the Edge Warner Label and the Destiny album being record.

Merv was nominated best male vocalist in 1995, the same year that his Destiny album was nominated best county rock album at the New Zealand music awards and the song ‘Destiny’ won rock single of the year 1995 Waikato Rock awards. The song ‘Lonely Woman’ (also on the Destiny Album) made it on to the top 20 and was first of three songs to make it on the Kiwi Hit disc.

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