Kiwi Rocker

Award winning Artist

With over 20 million views and streams

340,000+ Followers

Best rock single for “Destiny” Waikato rock awards

Best rock song and best rock video “OB can you hear the children cry” The Akademia 2016

Over 14,000,000 views on “OB can you hear the children cry” Viral internet hit

Charted #1 in US internet radio charts “OB can you hear the children cry”

Charted #1 Deezer digital charts, New Zealand “Wipe Out”

Wipe out single honorable mention in Ark Music top 10 singles 2017

Wipe Out song has over a million likes on social media


Head lined Shows

Tall Ships Festival 2017

Sound Garden Festival 2017

Artist description

The Farmer turned Kiwi Hard Rocker burst on to the international rock stage when his song “Ob can you hear the children cry” went Viral on Facebook. His high energy Rock songs and metal antics helped him build a large following of young Males across the world. His latest songs touch on the social consequences of war and terrorism. He records and produces his own Music and Videos in his studio in Kerikeri, New Zealand.

Merv Pinny was born in the King Country and grew up in a small town called Te Aroha. Merv Pinny is both a composer and artist in Modern/Alternative Rock music and has become a well-known artist around New Zealand.

Merv started playing music at only ten years old when he brought a guitar off his brother for $10. Two years later he was singing and playing in a band with his two older brothers. The band was set up in the lounge and almost drove their mum crazy with the loud music and the odd game of rugby!

Merv left school at 15 and worked on a dairy farm, playing in a band six nights a week; throughout his music career this odd mix of farming and music become a unique icon of Merv as an artist.

Non-music facts about Merv

Merv was run over by a truck when he was six years old and spent months in hospital it was thought at the time he would never walk again. In 1996 after he had a motor bike crash in which he broke his back and spent six weeks in the spinal unit with paralysis. He received a spinal fusion which took more than two years to recover from. This was the third time Merv had ended up in Hospital from motor cycle accidents. Still walking against all odds…