Merv Pinny writes about the effect of social media on new relationships with his latest rock song “Lover”

Entering into a new relationship and experiencing the heady emotions and feelings this brings can be a rollercoaster of passion, excitement and fun, but it can also have a dark side.

The role of social media can have a huge impact on these new relationships, with the highs and the lows replayed across the net for everyone to see. In a young person’s life, this exposure can be incredibly confronting, while the consequences of their actions and choices can impact on their lives and relationships for what sometimes can feel like an excruciatingly long time.

“Lover” addresses this prevalent issue, with questions a young person may contemplate when they meet a new lover. “Will this relationship take me to heaven or will I wake up in hell?”. For some, this can seem too much to deal with, and they are left only with the question “What do they want from me?”.

This latest track from Merv Pinny was mastered by multi Grammy award-winning engineer Gary Calbi and takes Pinny back to his rock roots.

After decades of writing, producing and playing music, Pinny has garnered a reputation as a talented musician who continues to evolve his music, crossing genres, and releasing songs that strike a chord with his listeners across the globe.

His most recent single Bourbon Baby flew up the charts, making it to No 4 on iTunes Top 200 country tracks in New Zealand; is currently played on over 50 radio stations in the United States; and is now gaining new audiences across Europe and Australasia.


“Lover” will be released on Spotify on the 9th of November 2019.

For further information, please contact publicist Gill Hughes,
ph: 021 944 499, [email protected]

Song Lyrics

Little Demons by Merv Pinny ©

Welcome to Your broken dream
Where demons laugh
and angels cry
You live your life
with no regrets
I’ve seen the future
A blood moon sky

Little demons they haunt you
Little demons run for your life

I walk the valley
of twisted minds
world looks on
with their broken eyes
Little demons they haunt you
Little demons run for your life

Run run, Run for your life
Run run run, Run for your life
Run run run, Run for your life

Lover Artwork