Pink Elephants

Following on from his single Lover released late last year, award-winning social action rocker Merv Pinny is back with his latest track Pink Elephants this month.

Both singles share a similar theme about social media and the effect that this very powerful medium has on our lives, especially for our younger generations.

As the name suggests, Pink Elephants is about a world of make believe – fantasy vs reality – which Pinny says is happening constantly on social media, playing a part in why it is so addictive. How do we know anything is real anymore? So, can pink elephants fly? Have a few drinks and then have another think about it.

This upbeat rock song mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Gary Calbi is an excellent addition to Pinny’s growing collection of top-streaming singles.

Listen here:


The Latest

In the last three years, Pinny has spent over 177 days on the charts, making it into iTunes Top 5 across multiple genres in New Zealand, South Africa, Norway and the USA.

With each single release, Merv Pinny is making headway into new territories and regularly hitting the charts, making him an artist definitely worth watching.

Pink Elephants will be released on Spotify on the 22nd of February.

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