Too Much White Too Much Red

Merv Pinny’s latest track takes a light-hearted look at the excesses of drinking while in lockdown

Noticing how quickly supermarkets were running out of wine and seeing all of the empties piling up in bins around town, Merv Pinny felt inspired to write about the effect lockdowns have had on our drinking habits. Night after night of drinking too much white and too much red – there really is no escaping the dreaded hangover and┬ásleep deprivation to come.┬áMultiple cups of coffee are in order
and perhaps some helpful drinking advice from a friend…

Continuing with his happy theme of late, Too Much White, Too Much Red has Merv’s soulful vocals matched with a funky groove and a raunchy sax solo. Collaborating again with multi-Grammy award-winning engineers Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone, Pinny has produced yet another toe-tapping tune that his fans will love.

Too Much White, Too Much Red will be released on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music on November

Listen Here:


New album set for release in early 2022

This latest single by Merv Pinny will feature in his brand new album, set for release in 2022. Titled Dark to Light, the album follows Pinny’s journey as an artist with songs that have captured the imaginations of millions from across the globe. War; humanitarian crises with children; refugee crises; the cruel world of love on the internet; and gun violence have been the topics that Pinny felt compelled to write about in the hope of invoking change for the better. Seeing the effects that both money and power had had on so many of these devastating events, Pinny used his songs to help give more meaning and donated proceeds direct to World Vision and Children in Crisis. Just this month, Merv performed for Kerikeri locals as part of a fundraising event for the Northland Rescue Helicopter, helping to raise more than $15,000.

Our entire world has now been affected since the pandemic started in 2020, filling lives with heartbreak and sadness as we all have learned to live in new ways. Merv recognised the importance during this time to have more positive and uplifting experiences, so he started writing new material that has been crafted to instill in everyone a much-needed feeling of joy and laughter, with the hope yet again of using his music to invoke change for the better. Dark to Light celebrates the significant journey of an artist who has evolved over the years, cleverly creating music for the moment.

Watch this space for more details next month!